You big dummy.

A deeply emotional moment for Romo and Posey.

Germanic activity. New Wave Country.

My Hands Are Bananas. Germans.

Zlad! {Santo Cilauro} Elektronic Supersonik.


Justice is served.


Justice is served.

Arguably the greatest moment in human history.

The mighty Japanese yodeler Takeo Ishii plies his trade…..with chickens.

This actually goes on for 10 hours, and for the brave at heart, find it here.

Ist by Colin Cardinal; cats by Steve Bishop.

Artwork by Matthew Griffin.

The mighty Joe Rinaudo fires away at Sweet Child o’ Mine. With both hands. More here. No holds are barred.

Original version of Supergeil. More wondrous moments from Friedrich Liechtenstein.

Leave it to the Germans to provide mighty accomplishments. Supergeil, commercial for Edeka version. Featuring the mighty Friedrich Liechtenstein and his nimble footwork. Read about it here.

What one does when stuck at airport all night. It’s just what one does.

Oh, Dear. From Le Roman de Denard. As if that solves anything.

See arguably the most disturbing image here.